Worldwide routable Garmin maps: Missing/incorrect feature requests

Thanks Peter!

I will setup another map tile generation toolchain. This will take a while before you will see a first result though…

I’m a bit overloaded with stuff right now. Lots of changes, things to check and decisions to be taken. Only a few hours per day to work with. So I cannot provide a target date to release the first version.

Please don’t hurry, we still have to work out the last issues and in the mean time I can adjust the Mapnik.typ file to match with the modified style files.
I copied the mapnik typ file and also the openfietsmap lite styles and typ to the trunk. I named the typ file 20011.typ but maybe ofm_lite.typ is better since people will probably change the Family ID’s to install more copies. The name openfietsmap_lite.typ is definitely too long for Mapsource and will cause crashes.

I have created a test map with the new styles and default typ file. In this map the sea is now rendered and the background is solid white.
Buildings are only rendered in the highest detail level so they won’t clutter the map. Some lines still needs some finetuning (footpaths, track roads).

The map can be downloaded here:

Licensing: I didn’t give much thought to this and it’s not important to me, but when I set up this little project on google code I was told to choose a licence. I chose ODBL, but on reflection this is not really sensible. What licence should this stuff be under? mkgmap itself uses GPL version 2.

Licenses don’t have my interest, but I think the one thing you should ask yourself is: what do you want to accomplish with a license?

Do you want to enforce a license if someone just grabs the stylesheets and does whatever they want to do with it?
If you don’t mind, just release it as public domain.
If you want to have your name preserved in the files take a very light license like MIT or BSD
If you want to enforce any party that uses the stylesheets to open their version of the stylesheet too, then use GPL for Mkgmap compatibility

Don’t know much about licenses too but GPL sounds good.
I have finetuned the paths, pedestrian roads and tracks too and updated the test map

Here is a screenshot:

GPL it is then. The map looks good. Are we all go then?

I will first need to test it an older Etrex to see if there are still issues. Maybe others can test it as well.
Here is a screnshot on a nüvi:

Edit: gmapsupp.img added in the download section for testing

Looks good on my Zumo, except the long shield at the tunnel that I pointed out before. I think if you want the tunnel name displayed you should have a separate label for it. I suspect that the name is in the ref tag, but I haven’t checked it out.

Sorry I missed that one, can you send me a link from the map?
I noticed some long shield names too, but that is because mappers misused the ref tags on osm.

It’s here: , but the ref tag is clean. In the img the label=~[0x4]S116 IJTUNNEL, which is probably correct. For some reason my Zumo tries to display all of that in one little box. In MS it’s correct, so I guess it’s yet another firmware bug that Garmin won’t fix.

The IJ-tunnel looks fine without shields on the Nuvi and Dakota. So maybe it is a Zumo bug.

Awesome work guys!

Ligfietser, I’m still slowly -as time permits- working through the test map (and POI list) you sent me some time ago and making notes. Should I continue or does this new test map make that work superfluous?

In the latest test map releases the polygons are rendered better, and maybe some lines too so I should switch to the newer version…
But your old notes can be still usefull.

Here’s some shots from a GPS Map 76 CSx using your test map:

Given the small palette on this GPS, there’s a lack of contrast which is more clear on the unit than it is on these screenshots, but overall this looks like a good job.

Thanks Charlie, I notice the natural=scrub fields seem to have a grey background instead of green. There are still some incompatible colours in the typ file (selected colour is not part of the garmin palette), I’ll check this out.

Nice work!

A couple of screenshots of your test map on a nüvi205:

Haven’t tried out the “world-test” style/typ yet, but a quick test of “world” looks quite nice, at least better than than the mkgmap default. The only thing i missed in “world” (which is included in “world-test”) is natural=beach for polygons.


Thanks for your comments and screen shots. I’m not a great fan for including too many polygons: these maps are primarily intended for navigation and we want them to work on the largest range of units possible. The more data we put into the finished map the more cluttered it will be and the slower it will be drawn.

On my Zumo the Openfietsmap can take over 30 secs to be drawn. That’s unacceptable, especially while riding.

I agree, we still have to find a balance what too show and what not. Keep in mind that the test area is one of the densily mapped areas in OSM in the whole world due to importing of topographic data. Some landuse elements we can leave out of the map like the scrub you see ( I made it more transparent) or landuse=farm. Buildings I like to keep, but that depends also on other users. Buildings are only shown at the highest detail level. Tests on the nuvi 310 and an old Etrex Venture were positive, the map was not too slow. I uploaded a newer version of the gmapsupp.img and added night mode. Older GPS units still can use the night mode (Oregons and Dakotas not) and this can be used for better contrast ( a lot of landuse is made transparent).

If you want to make a map from your own area, you can use test-world style and typ with these mkgmap settings:

typ file:
bounds file:

family-id: 20001
product-id: 1
draw-priority: 20
description: OSMWR_test
country-name: World
country-abbr: WRLD
generate-sea: extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=6000,floodblocker,land-tag=natural=background
style-file: c:\Garmin\mkgmap\world routable\styles\world-test\
bounds:  c:\Downloads\bounds
location-autofill: bounds
code-page: 1252
min-size-polygon: 10

I certainly agree with you that there should be a good balance between speed and level of detail.
Unfortunately I haven’t had time to fully test the world-test style yet but I will try it out as soon as I get a chance.

Btw, I noticed while driving last night (using the “world” style in my Nüvi) that a road tagged with highway=construction/construction=trunk was rendered as a trunk road. Just thought I’d give you an heads up if this is not already an known issue.