Worldwide changes at an alarming rate

Can these changesets please be undone?

(I hope that this is the right place to post this message)

Much better to a) discuss one or more of the changesets; or b) report the user or changeset (there is a button on the website). These actions tend to feed into the DWG’s issue reporting tools.

Having looked at the edits, most do not look problematic in any particular way.

The technical answer to that question is “yes”, but you’d need to explain what the problem was first. What I’d suggest doing first is to comment on a problem changeset and explain why there’s a problem with it. You’ve just linked to their edit history, so what you saw as a problem might not be at the top of that list right now. Comments that you make on changesets will appear at (and you can see that a number have already been made, and they have already replied).

It’s probably not the best place. Generally the best advice is:

  1. Try and get into a dialogue with the mapper
  2. If they don’t reply, or you don’t think that will be helpful then you can email the Data Working Group at or report the user using the “report” button. Whichever of these you do please try and explain in as much detail as you can what the problem actually is.

Best Regards,

Andy (from the Data Working Group)

I placed a comment at the last of his/her edits in my region.

Too early to tell, but a look at his/her history looks as if it are not manual edits and personally I would prefer that the mapper stops for a while until it is obvious what is happening. At the moment I see lots of edits that are destructive to the way that addresses are dealt with in my local area. These changesets should definitely be reverted. I am afraid that after more time the changes cannot be undone.

I’ll use the report button.

Thanks for your advice.

Thanks, but it would also help to explain why the thing that you commented about was a problem. OSM mapping (and especially address mapping) varies hugely between different OSM communities worldwide; what might be normal in one place might not be elsewhere.

If that’s the case then I’d also comment there too (perhaps say something like “similar to as already mentioned on changeset XYZ, you’ve done ABC on node/way DEF” so it doesn’t look like you’re just repeating yourself). It also helps to link to the actual problem objects in a changeset comment too.

I’ve only had positive interactions with TheBlackMan so far and they have done a good job mapping in the Potsdam area (DE).
Looks to me that they were going through a lot of issues that where flagged by QA-tools or similiar.
Just looked at some edits but I saw improvements of typical issues. Naturally errors might still happen or local specifics might be misunderstood (which is always a risk with worldwide edits). I can also understand that the amount of edits can be hard to verify.

Anyway, I send TheBlackMan a private message to look at this topic also. I’m sure they will respond.

Yes, that was the problem. The mapper has responded and I think that the question can be solved by us. I haven’t dealt with this before and I may have overreacted, but on the other hand, my country is completely filled with such address nodes.

Thanks for the advice.

Hello to all,
because of bad weather, I decided today for some typo cleanup.
I used the website to find keys which are new from the past few days and are obviously misspelled. The list is from the worldwide database, so there are worldwide changes. The changesets are commented with the source (the website) and what I have done (typo cleanup).
Sometimes a made some other changes in the surroundings, to have some variety of work :wink: @goedegazelle sorry I don’t want to make any inconveniences to anybody. I replied to your comment and if you like I can revert the address merge. I wasn’t aware that address merging isn’t common in the Netherlands.
Hope, that I could smooth the waves …

Things can happen, your welcome. I would be very happy if you can revert the change sets because I am unable to do that myself. I understand that you were not aware of the related mapping policy in my country.

I reverted the address-merges. If I have forget something, give me a hint :slight_smile:

@TheBlackMan: You may get similar issues in DK where all addresses are imported (as in NL from BAG).

Personally I’m not a huge fan of imports which cannot be touched, but one certainly should respect, as indeed you have, decisions of the local community.

I will correct typo’s in future, but I will not merge/change address nodes in other country’s. That’s too problematic :wink: