World Broder Lines Data

Hey There,

I´m new here and need help. How can I extract the pure coordinates (lon/lat) for all country-coastal-and land borders?(a code to see witch coordinate I have to line to a other would be helpful too)
I knew that the borders are the Administrative level 2.
But how to get they for the whole world, and only with about 500 - 1000 Points per country definition?
Properly the best output format will be XML.

I would be really thankful for any help. :slight_smile:



I cannot give you a direct answer about country borders for the whole planet, only some ideas:

Instead of using XAPI of OSM, try … but I do not know whether that web service is able to give all borders with admin_level=2 to you from the wholew planet.

Otherwise, download the whole OSM planat data from a suitable mirror and do some filtering with


use data from