Workflow ideas for Strava Heat Maps > Polygons > .csv

Hi Everyone.

I’m a complete newbie to open street maps and am wanting to solve a problem and am hoping Open Street Maps could help.

I’m building a product that I was to be able to geofence to reduce features in certain locations based on typical concentration water users. Using strava heat map data is the best way to do this on a global scale. manually draw a polygons over the the areas and then output this as a lat:long CSV file.

So far i have managed to add a strava heatmap layer to OSM, and can draw a public polygon, but i do not think that this is the best way as i don’t want to mess up public maps.

Is there a way to add these polygons to a private layer, and export the points as a CSV? or am i going about this completely the wrong way?


Hi and welcome to OSM!

First of all: If the information you have determined is relevant to the public and can be verified on the ground and there is a corresponding tagging for it, there is no reason not to enter this into the global OSM database.

If you want to keep this information private, I guess the easiest way is to add these to a uMap. In uMap you can add private information on separate layers above the map to mark things like a Surf Zone. Here you can find a guide.

Another but more technical approach would be to host your own small web map based on Leaflet and add this information as polygons.

And last but not least: There are some projects to detect things in Strava in Python. One example is this project to find missing ways in OSM based on Strava Heatmap.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to help.


thank you for your detailed response. No problem with having the information public if it will be useful for other too.

So areas swimming and surfing areas could be tagged with:


Next question, is there away to download tagged data? ie I create a bunch of areas, tag them as surfing. Is it possible to download the lat:long of the points of just these polygons?

The python method looks cool too! will investigate that further.


natural=beach is only the area on the shore that normally consists of sand or pebbles. It can be tagged there, but I guess you are searching for leisure=swimming_area and sport=swimming;surfing. See this image as reference:

You can grab these objects with overpass. Example query: overpass turbo

There you can click on Export in the top menu and download as GeoJSON or other formats that suits for you.

Does this work for you?