Wondering how to begin this project

Hi all,

I’m starting a project wherein I’ll be hosting an OSM map on a server (UK tiles only) and, through the use of a responsive website, would route users between multiple locations.

I’ve been reading through forums, getting started blogs and the wiki throughout last week and this week and I can’t seem to find any solid answers as to how I would actually start a project like this?

It’s my understanding that I would need to host openlayers, leaflet or some other mapping library, but then how would I install a routing plugin? And would I be able to add nodes to the map that I’m hosting? And if so would the routing plugins also take into account those nodes and ways?

So many questions! :slight_smile:

If anyone can provide any help or ask me if I could explain anything in more depth I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks OSM community!!


Hello Dave,

you have to choose two things: what tile display library? … so you already mantioned openlayers or leafletjs.
On the website of leaflet http://leafletjs.com you have an sub page “Plugins” … there are some examples about “Routing”

Then choose the routing provider that fits best to your aim … see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Routing and see the difference between online and offline routing.

Next to OSRM there is a fast growing project Graphhopper that provides really very fast routing, but so far with lack of turn restrictions (Is said to be implemented soon!)

Graphhopper and OSRM have own mailing lists or IRC channels to ask specific questions to be answered by core developers or other experts.

So tell us here in detail your concrete steps where you succeeded and where you get stuck.