WMS plugin stopped working with Yahoo images

I use Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. JOSM rev 3208.

Just 3 days ago the plugin worked perfectly on both my machines. Now what happens: I add the Yahoo images layer, the plugin outputs URLs in console, but then shows image==null! messages. If I copy and paste those URLs in the browser, they are downloaded correctly in 1-5 seconds. By the network traffic graph I see gnome-web-photo doesn’t download anything.

What can be wrong with it? I tried purging and reinstalling the plugin and gnome-web-photo (0.8, because 0.3 doesn’t want to install on Lucid). Still the same.

Gnome-web-photo-fixed somehow created an infinite loop and occupied all the CPU still shouting “image==null!” and doing nothing useful.

Looks like it can download only 1 image at time, and it occupies stdout device.