Windows.exe, gpmapsupp.zp and missing from map download

Could anyone help please. When I request a map comprising of individual tiles from, the Windows.exe, and are missing from map download index. The only files available are the ones below and I am unable to install the map tiles to Basecamp or my GPS.


I am sure that in the past all the correct files were present and this seems to be a recent development.

The correct files are present when I request a predefined country but these are often far too large for my areas of interest.

It might be best to try another provider of Garmin maps as the developer of the excellent site you have tried, Lambertus, has been a bit busy of late to repair the process in a timely manner.
There are many to choose from

There seems something wrong with the map compilation. Please mail your issue to Lambertus, he probably will not read it here.

I have the same problem, and I know some people who had the problem more than 2 weeks ago.

I mailed to Lambertus and I hope, he will read this post.

In my case, I do not know any other OSm site which fits me, because I ( and a lot of other travellers ) need
maps from Russia, Central asia and Mongolia.

And the only good ones are the one from Lambertus.

There is one workaround: the file can be converted with JaVaWa’s OSM Combiner

When I understand this correctly, than I need to download from and then I can convert.

But that is the problem, I cannot download from, it does not work at the moment…