Windows compatible software?

Hello everyone,

I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction, I am looking for software to use with OSM that is similar to Microsoft Streets and Trips or Rand McNally for Windows. Typically I would use one of the many app’s available however none of them offer the customization that I am looking for such as adding additional layers for certain boundary’s within a county, etc.

I have already looked at the software in the wiki and nothing appears to fit, Gosmore would appear to work however it does use a database which is also a feature I am looking for. Additionally I also need to look up addresses on a regular basis, it would be a bonus if there is something available that would allow me to put in “SW 1st Ave” and give me a list of streets that cross SW 1st Ave, however that is most likely above the scope of anything currently available without creating my own DB.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.