Windows app to edit GPX files?


I’m looking for a Windows — *not *web-based — application that can open a GPX file with just waypoints, and let me move/delete those waypoints.

GPXSee is read-only

JOSM displays waypoints as tiny dots, quite unreadable to me

Is there another application that would do the job?

Thank you.

Edit: GPX Editor lets the user delete waypoints but not move them. Unless someone knows of a better alternative, I’ll use that.

Note: GPX Editor removes the user’s web proxy as set in Windows’ Internet Properties section; In GPX Editor’s Options > Settings, set Internet to None.

Edit: As of, after deleting a waypoint, GPX Editor doesn’t refresh the map (duh). The work-around is to click on the Preview tab, and click again on the OSM tab.

Not a light and easy, but Garmin Basecamp can do this.

Hi, GpsPrune looks like it will do what you want,

maybe see for more software about your aims …


The best Windows application I have used is Garmin BaseCamp
You can do any type of editing and then save gpx file to load into any other application

¿ Am I missing something ? *.gpx are simple text-based files, aka “straight ascii” - even notepad should do the job ?!

Sure, you can edit a gpx file, but a text editor doesn’t help with tasks like

  • simplify (with Douglas-Peucker)
  • split into parts with x km length
  • remove points with speed below 5 km/h