Will Garmin Pull It's POI's from OSM?

Hi. I’m Kevin and I’m new to GPS mapping.

Can you kind souls tell me if Garmin pulls Points of Interest from OpenStreetMap? If so, how often does it update the POI’s from OSM?

I’ve just uploaded a hotel into OSM. How long does it take for the hotel to be reflected on Garmin’s maps and to be made available to download from Garmin?

Thanks a bunch!

No offence, but your post has so many different confusions it’s hard to know where to start to answer it. Are you really downloading maps from Garmin?

I don’t think that Garmin adds OSM POIs to their maps. They are a very closed source/formats company, and they guard their IP overzealously. I don’t think using OSM data fits in their mindset.

If you want a hotel to be in Garmins official maps you have to contact them, or whoever they get their mapdata from. It might end up in a map in a few years.

You can also download one of the OSM garmin maps, and use it in your Garmin GPS. Then the hotel will be available.


Most probably you need to contact Navteq, because this is the main source of data for Garmin maps. But it could depend on a region or particular map, some of them are created by regional Garmin partners.

On navteq site you will find easy way to correct or supply missing data. But I can’t tell if or how fast your input will appear on Garmin maps.

Oh, one can download maps form Garmin. This way works all subscriptions to City Navigator maps :slight_smile: