Hi all, Wikivoyage is a travel-based wiki, and was recently incarnated as a Wikimedia project. In its previous history, there weren’t any solid attempts at introducing and integrating OpenStreetMaps, but much progress has been made at and examples can be seen internally at, which relies on an external map server I think we are pretty close to start site-wide implementation, but before that, it looks like we need to sort out attribution and legal issues.

I know Google Maps data is not accepted here, and we have tried our best to steer users to use OSM data, but some are still more comfortable using Google Maps “What’s here” as a way to pinpoint coordinates. From what I understand, that isn’t kosher either - is this correct?

We would definitely want to work more closely with OSM, at both importing and exporting data. Plans have been discussed to batch geocode points of interest from the OSM database and also for us to send back new Wikivoyage POIs to OSM. Since coordinate data is still in infancy, if OSM are unsure of Wikivoyage sources, it is still early enough to remove such data and require stronger attribution in the future, to make sure we follow licensing more closely. What would be the suggested process here?

On a user basis, we could ask for a source, but what would be the required attribution on a site basis, as we’ll be merging OSM geodata into our listings, but some will also be non-OSM/personal geodata. Has enough information been added for a Produced Work?


Well, IMHO it would not be so bad if both OSM and Wikivoyage can benefit from each other.

But about correct licence and data use there might be several deep points needed to be clarified.

I am not sure whethet the is the right one to get a focus on that topic, maybe is a better place.

Or ask at the “legal-talk OSM mailing list” according to

That’s what I would recommend, too. “talk” would be a good place to discuss a cooperation in general, but a mail focussed on the legal aspects is probably best sent to “legal-talk”.

Thanks for the pointers, legal-talk seems the way to go, as licensing should probably be sorted out before further collaboration can be considered. Is there a quick answer for the above, as the other issues are probably deeper and will take more time to clarify.