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I just set up

Help is appreciated: Please review this page and its sub-pages:

Templates would be great:

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You can use Template Relation with the parameter “tools=all” to link to the Relation Analyser, too. Is there any information how the signs are supposed to look?

Two remarks on the wiki page:

  • I noticed that several pages with the prefix “WikiProject” were renamed during the last months. I do not think that this prefix is necessary any longer. Pages about the wiki itself use “Wiki:”, so they do not use it either.

  • Everyone is free to create new wiki pages, but it might be a better approach to get in touch with other mappers also interested in the topic first. You might figure out that their are simpler approaches for tracking progress of such a project, like a tool which automatically generates the progress report, so you can save your time updating a wiki page.

The tag pages look good. Some information is already documented at Relation:waterway.


Thanks Tigerfell!

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(somewhat offtopic from the original question but)

To be honest, if the routes don’t exist in the real world I’d suggest not adding them to OSM. That’s the rule that OSM applies to e.g. walking and cycling routes, and I don’t see that these should be any different.

E-road numbers suffer from some of the same problems - in places where they are signed (such as Sweden) it makes sense to tag them as something that physically exists, but as places where they are not (such as the UK) it does not.

For the local ones to me such as, I’ve added “ref:signed=no” to let people know that it’s an imaginary route and not a signed one.