Wikipedia articles, Wikidata items, Wikimedia categories on OSM map

I wrote this tool for my own surveys. It allows to display on the OSM map Wikipedia articles, or Wikidata items, or Wikimedia categories which have got coordinates as geo-markers with links to respective items. It available via the link:

I hope it could be useful to other mappers and Wikipedians too.

The tool is very simple, - just click on the map and the clickable geo-markers will appear up to 10 km around the click. The type of the search is chosen at the lower part of the page, below the map.

If you search in a dense area reduce the search radius from ten kilometers to a lower value.

Thank you for this information! But I I’m having difficulty with the map. How do you find any coordinates?

Nice! :slight_smile:

I was looking for something like that! Thanks for sharing!:slight_smile: