WikiOSM archived?

Is there a place where I can get the whole OSM tags wiki/encyclopedia in a single downloadable file? (mhtml maybe?) That way, I can read/peruse/study those tag descriptions offline (who can memorize all those public transport related tags? :laughing: )


According to the special internal wiki pages of the OSM wiki, I have not found any feature to export the whole wiki at once.

maybe a closer look at or can give some hints.

For all Wikimedia-Wikis you can get dunps here. Doesn’t exactly answer your question, but at least you could get familliar with possibly file-formats.

We already had this question some time ago (maybe in the german section). I’ll try to find it and edit this posting if successfull. [edit]Found it:, but at least currently that’s unreachable[/edit]

OT: Me, it isn’t that hard :wink: