Wikimania conference

Hi all,

This year, I’m attending an opensource conference about the use of Wikipedia (Wikimania). I planned two openstreetmap events: a workshop (1:15) and a “mapping party” in the evening. They are ment to show how we can use OSM in Wikipedia articles.

Where can I find a presentation I can use to introduce OSM?

This is important. If I can convince my colleagues of the importance and quality of the OSM maps, Wikipedia might add OSM as their default mapping tool. Currently we are using “wikiminiatlas” (you can find the link on the top right of an article), but it’s clear OSM has a better quality.

Thx! is the presentation Avar gave at wikimania 2009. I think there was a presentation at wikimania 2010 about OpenStreetMap, too although I can’t currently find it. However, Slideshare has a number of other good presentations about OSM that you could use as an inspiration.

Just to make sure, are you aware of the ongoing integration efforts of OSM into Wikipedia? For example in the German, Russian and a few other wikipedias the osm-gadget ( ) is now active by default, that shows OpenStreetMaps for all referenced articles. There are also ongoing efforts to bring this into and in future perhaps also include some more sophisticated tools.

Very cool! Not to threadjack, but have Wikipedia folk considered using adding an additional map type which shows multipolygons and route relations? I think it would be great to show the border of a country/city, or even better to show the route of a highway or significant bicycling/hiking trail. I looked on that Wikipedia:DE page and didn’t see any mention of it.

Yes, people from wikipedia have thought about those kind of applications and have partly trialled some of them on the wikimedia toolserver. However, I don’t think it is “in production” yet.

This presentation ( ) from Tim Alder at FOSSGIS 2011, has some more details on some of the projects that are envisioned for the OSM-Wikipedia integration.

There is also the maps-l mailinglist, where discussions about the integration are on going ( ). Its archives gives more details on what has so far been done, although reading through list archives might be a bit tedious.

Proposed schedule for the workshop (I recieved a time slot of 1u20):

About OSM (10 min)
Introduction into mapping, part 1: physical mapping (using GPS-device) (10 min)
About the collaboration between Wikipedia and OSM (10 min)
Introduction into mapping, part 2: using Merkaartor, JOSM, the online editor (10 min)
Workshop (20 min)
Preparation of the Mapping party (10 min)

So we did a mapping party around the venue in Haifa (Mount Carmel).

You can see the new map here: