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Possible bug on WIWOSM ? … maybe something to do with ‘relations’ ? →


I’m confused. What exactly is the bug? You posted an image with an arrow pointing to the word “Kaart”, but you haven’t explained what’s wrong with that. Isn’t that the correct word for “map” in Dutch? I couldn’t see any errors anywhere, so it might be helpful if you can describe the problem you’re seeing.

I suspect that the posts at didn’t get the desired response, hence the repost here. I’ve no idea who the intended audience for the post here is though.

Even after translating those posts, it still isn’t clear what the problem is. A rough translation seems to indicate that henke54 thinks the map is showing the wrong thing, but to me it seems to match the static image of the river further down in the article, albeit with the addition of what appear to be some major tributaries.

henke54, if you’re going to post about an issue here in English, it would be good if you could also provide an English version of what you consider the issue to be rather than link to a discussion in another language.

On the image above is the river maas/meuse, with wikidata-code Q41986 , but the (side)river Viroin has a wikidata-code Q1818933, and still, the image of above states/shows in a red line, that it is the river Maas.
The ‘red line’ on above image of the river Maas should be the same as the ‘green line’ of the river Maas on the (other)picture under it .

It seems that the French mappers have ‘something to do’ with above ‘malfunction’ of WIWOSM ? →



That’s why i ‘dislike’ mailinglists a bit, because there are so much of it, that one can’t see the forest for the trees .
For example ; there is a Tagging-mailinglist, and a french tagging-mailinglist, and a french developer-mailinglist, and a Talk-mailinglist for each country apart, and so on … :roll_eyes:

For example about waterways ;
I found this one about tagging waterways, and also this one . But there is also a Discussion WIWOSM-site about waterways …

Also about Train related relations .

And talking about ‘discussion’, i find that the ‘wikipedian-manner’ (= in dutch language) ‘interesting’ →