Wikidata tag

Hi, tagging best practices specifiy that tags part of the relation and not needed on individual nodes but if waterway segments don’t have Wikidata tag the waterway does not appear on Wikimedia map. I know it is an issue on Wikimedia but is it possible to add a note on tagging best practices since removing these tags is not a contuctive action. thx

Generally speaking, I don’t think that it would be a good idea to suggest that people in OSM tag things sub-optimally just because an external user of OSM data doesn’t do a very good job of processing it. I can think of similar examples were people try and stuff all sorts of information into the “name” tag because some external processor of, say, rural path information, only process the name tag and ignore other things like highway type, access rights, relation membership etc.

However without an example it’s not entirely clear what the problem is - can you link to something in OSM and something in wikipedia that doesn’t work as a result?

Also - at the risk of asking a somewhere obvious question - have you tried raising the issue with the people who developed the relevant wikipedia maps and explained the problem to them? I’m sure that if someone did that (and especially if someone offered to help fix it) there wouldn’t be a problem for long.