WIki unblock request


There’s a user in Brazil that was editing the wiki and suddenly got autoblocked by the spam bot (@20:03, 21 August 2013). Maybe he posted a link he was not supposed to (I’m not sure, neither is him). His username is eqaedil and he’s unable to edit his user talk page to post an unblock request. What other options does he have? I’ve tried but couldn’t find much useful information in the wiki, and also not in other popular MediaWiki wikis (such as Wikipedia).

Not sure if it helps but he was editing this page:

This is quite strange, I didn’t even know that an “Abuse filter” existed. The mechanism seems to be quite new as the “Abuse filter” account was created only this month.

As for how to remedy the situation, you could try contacting one of the sysops:
But first look whether they have recent edits - some of them are no longer regularly active.


I have unblocked the user now. The abuse filter is indeed a new edition to our wiki and maybe still needs a few adjustments.

Thank you very much!