I run into

For example on

Would it be fine to remove


or replace it with

fixme=add wiki:symbol


Sorry for English.

Why it is problematic: such fake values require extra support and mismatch actual definition of this tag.

While being worse at its intended role than fixme.

I run into it while improving OSM Wiki documentation ( ) as this files were so far not clearly marked on OSM Wiki, and their use was unclear for OSM Wiki editors (some were deleted as unused).


has the same issue.

BTW, there are some invalid values which have no matching file on OSM Wiki or Wikimedia Commons and never had it - is anyone interested in such list?

I also have list of values where name of file on OSM Wiki changed or files were deleted as unused duplicate of another file. I am slowly fixing such cases but I can give list to someone (I have approximately several thousands of known tagging issues on my list).

My opinion is that this change to the fixme entry makes sense for both value values. However, I would not recommend a mass update.

No, please do not add a fixme, just remove this.

a list of invalid values? IMO invalid values can also be removed.

I would have the same opinion. If no one has added it so far, a fixme won’t necessarily bring that about either. If someone has a special interest in it, that person will find it even without fixme or t.b.d values.

I don’t think a mere list is very beneficial. If it would trigger an issue at keepright or Osmose, that would make more sense in my humble view.