Wiki restart?

Might sound like a nightmare, but what would you say if we generally start a second wiki from the scratch? why?

So in software engeniering, it’s usual to abandone a bad architecture and to start a new try by inserting canabilized parts of the old one. The current wiki lacks in very important aspects where it (IMHO) didn’t get better the past years:

Thats basiccaly the result of it’s age and the ways we walked for a long long time. As bad code, parts had been added and added again, the cleanup stopped etc. :confused:
Maybe we could use more powerful technologies now (you heared about Wikidata?) that fullfil our today requirements better and that would help the community to get an up to date and multilanguage documentation and incubator for personal ideas. A solution, that will be more accepted and keept up to date by the crowd?

All the non-English pages may soon be “restarted” to an extent because of the switch to the Translate extension. It has been promised for the next MediaWiki update, and if it works for us, it might replace our current translation system. This would be a good opportunity for a cleanup of the translations - and maybe the English originals, too.

However, I don’t see a good case for a complete restart. Even in software development, it’s usually only a good idea to do a full rewrite if you have an idea why there are problems with the current code base, and if this problem is so fundamental that it cannot be solved through refactoring. Unless you have identified such a fundamental issue with our wiki and can suggest an approach to solve it, it is likely that the same effects that led to the original problems will simply repeat.