Wiki password

I’m new to the community and I came across a stumbling block last night. Basically I signed up for an account and then the next day I couldnt log in again. I tried resetting my password and all sorts and nothing worked. After an hour of getting really pissed off with the whole project I came to realise… you need two separate accounts, one for the map and one for the wiki.

Is there no way you can have the same log in details be for both? I groaned at the prospect of having to create a 3rd account just to post here and suggest this, but it turns out the map password works for the forum also, so in that case why can’t it work for the wiki?

One login to rule them all!

In fact, how about supporting openID that way I dont even need to sign up for any accounts!

Keep up the good work guys.

It’s a good idea, but I think everyone that can fix it have just learned to live with the idea that there are multiple logins. That’s the reason…

You could go to and report it I couldn’t find any ticket about it

I’ve written a ticket. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

I don´t believe that this will help. Consider that you are talking about three different applications which are even hosted on different servers and maybe locations. From the technical perspective they are not linked or connected at all.

Maybe this will change at some point in time and all applications will somehow be migrated. Then, of course, the one-account approach should be followed.


If each individual component supported openID then it would be effectively the same as each component sharing the same login details. Perhaps that is the easiest way to implement this? supporting openID wouldn’t be a bad idea from an ideological stand point either, what with this being an open collaborative project.

Somebody had that idea already:
However, except it having been written to our wiki, there were apparently no results. Guess we simply need someone who puts in the effort of setting it up. wrote about OpenID problems, which is nice to read. Anyways here is the trac ticket

So far it appears to work just fine on the forum (where you use your main OSM credentials). There’s really no reason why the wiki couldn’t use those credentials as well, beside technical… I guess it just needs one to code the necessary authentication plugin for MediaWiki.