Wiki like tag markup

In the wiki, it’s possible to use a specific markup for key=value pairs in order to highlight them and automatically generate a link to the specific wiki page.
Would it be possible to include on this forum this king of markup? {{Tag|key|value}}

I think this could be useful when discussing of a specific tag, since users could simply click on the generated link rather than having to search for the key on the wiki; posters would not have to add the specific link by searching it on the wiki but could simply include the markup while writing their post.


This might require a plugin or theme-component like this one:

Is the intention that people posting something like Tag:NAME will be replaced by the tag name with a link to the wiki?

Yes, this is the objective; however it should also account for key=value, generating two links: one redirecting to the page of the key and the other one redirecting to the value specific wiki page.

Tag:NAME=VALUE is not a really beautiful syntax, but if it works it’s good.