Wiki - Add elements to a table


Sorry for my bad english. My native languages are german and french.

I added a row in a table at the “heritage” page (Belgium - German-speeking Community).

There are two columns where I don’t know how to work?

The row “Icon”: I received the emblem of the community but I don’t know how to add it.
I think first I have to add a new page with the emblem and then add the icon in the row.
1. How to add a new page?
2. How to show the icon of the emblem in the row.

The row “comment”: There is a link to the “references” at the bottom of the page.
1. How can I add a reference at the bottom (link to the website of the community)?
2. How can I add the Link in the row to the reference to the bottom of the page?

Thank you for your help.

Best greetings from Belgium.

On the left hand side, you will find an “upload” link. Use that to upload the image, preferable an svg file.
Then you can add something similar to


As for the footnote, just add something similar to

<ref>see: [ unesco web site]</ref>

to the row you are editing (I use “Edit Source”), replace the URL to one where the German speaking community of Belgium lists their heritage objects

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for the explanation.
It works fine.