Why won't my parking render properly?

Still new, but learning tons! Recently, I drew my first shopping areas on the NE corner of Grant & Jones. For some reason, the giant “P” for parking is sitting in the middle of 2 of my buildings. I drew the parking area AROUND the building (NOT 2 concentric shapes - in which case I would expect the giant “P”). Please help!


It seems there’s currently a bug in how Mapnik renders the parking symbol for some areas. I think it puts a symbol in the centre of the area, even if that’s outside the area, as as well as another P symbol inside the area (in the correct place).
So this can cause it to show 2 P symbols for one car park area.
See http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/2230

So what you have drawn and tagged appears to be correct, hopefully this strangeness in Mapnik will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the info!