why this routing for a bike

dear team,
pls see this link: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=49.47179&mlon=8.61930#map=17/49.47179/8.61930
I am on Schriessheimer Strasse and heading to Schriessheimer Fussweg G1 trk.
Why am I routed for bicycle via Mühlgewannweg > Am Hahnenstück > Hirschberger Allee ?
This way ist just longer and I do not see the reason. Is there some fault with the track declarations with the map area?

Thx a lot, Klaus

The routing depends on the map as well on the unit you use. To see, if it is a bug in the basic data pool, I calculated the route using basecamp and a map, which I rendered myself using the datapool dated 18.8.2015. The result is a route which I would really use with a bike. K4238 SO to the crossing with the Kanzelbach, then “am Kandelbach”

Some Garmin devices have “activity routing” - and that feature does sometimes lead to strangest routing problems.

What router are you using? Mapquest doesn’t seem to like the service road:


But Graphhopper doesn’t mind it:


If you’re asking about Garmin maps, it’ll be entirely down to how the map was created.