Why the evil this element will _NOT_ be displayed?!


I’m really think, there ist something wrong, by me or by the world…

I have this SQL query:

  - id: statenames
# Städte wie Berlin (komischerweise weder 'city' noch 'town', sondern 'state' mit admin_level = '4'
    geometry: point
    <<: *extents
      <<: *osm2pgsql
      table: |-
            round(ascii(md5(osm_id::text)) / 55) AS dir -- base direction factor on geometry to be consistent across metatiles
          FROM planet_osm_polygon
          WHERE place = 'state' AND boundary = 'administrative' and admin_level = '4' AND name IS NOT NULL
          ORDER BY length(name) DESC, name
        ) AS statenames
      cache-features: true
      minzoom: 4
      maxzoom: 15

to handle the case “Berlin”. In Berlin the name can just be found by searching for admin_level = 4 and place = state, other than other cities with admin_level = 6 and place = city…
The query send me back the name. I checked turning the query-log on PostgreSQL and calling by hand all queries “statenames”. Berlin will be found.

The style is:

#statenames {
  text-name: "[name]";
  text-fill: @placenames;
  text-halo-fill: @standard-halo-fill;
  text-halo-radius: @standard-halo-radius * 1.5;
  text-face-name: @bold-fonts;
  text-size: 16;
  text-wrap-width: 65; // 5.0 em
  text-line-spacing: -0.65; // -0.05 em
  text-margin: 9.1; // 0.7 em
  text-transform: uppercase;

And the name of the city of Berlin will not be displayed on the map.
Can someone say me what am I doing wrong?!?

Thanks a lot

OK, folks!

I got it!
The elements were displayed, but hidden from other elements… :roll_eyes:

text-allow-overlap: true;

solved my problem!

Just in case, some other have the same problem and don’t want to spend a sunday searching the solution…