Why the city name is not visible on the map?

Hello, a couple days ago I edited the map with a new city place. But its name is not yet visible on the map. What went wrong?


I do see the name Goreagon on the standard map, is that what you are referring to? Maybe you are looking at a locally cached version.

One quick note: with a population of only 7000 this place probably should be tagged place=town. Unlike a number of other map providers we do not use place=city as a synonym for any named populated place.

The name has been removed from that node, with the comment: City name deleted from road node. City node already nearby.

Generally city nodes should not be used for other purposes; you should create an isolated node.

The existing node is https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5673130709

Are you sure that it is only signposted in the Latin alphabet? I would expect the primary or only sign to be in देवनागरी (Devanagari) script, in which case that should be the script used in the name tag, on the map, with optional Romanised versions as name:en. (It is arguable that there should not be a Romanised version, because the Marathi version can probably be transliterated mechanically.)

The map is what you see with the editor, and what can be searched with Nominatim (although the latter can lag), not any particular rendering of it. Rendered versions may be out of date, and also make tradeoffs in the level of detail depending on zoom level, and other detail that needs to be rendered at the same general location. Do not misplace information to avoid a conflict with other information.

It is a good idea to use is_in:* tags to ensure that it is associated with the correct county, etc.

I think the use of “city” here has been generalised from US usage, which is not OSM usage. As I understand it, in the US it is used for almost any settlement administered by a (not for profit) private company.

Whilst I don’t know the details of Indian local administration, I assume most Indian settlements pre-date the concept of a private company by many centuries.


No cached version. Opened in Firefox Focus. Can’t see the name even at this zoom level

Here’s the OSM map from The Weather Channel


Third party renderings could be months out of date.

It’s rendering at zoom level 13, on the standard Mapnik rendering: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/18.1471/73.3073

and at zoom level 15 on the Humanitarian version: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/18.1533/73.2940&layers=H

However there is no guarantee that a validly mapped name will render.

It does look like the OSM policy, in India, is to use Romanised names, although I don’t really agree with that. However, you should include at least the Marathi name, as well, for any place where Marathi is the the local language. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_India#Tagging_guidelines.

It looks like you may have zoomed too far in. As hadw says, the city name is rendered at zoom level 13 in the standard rendering. It disappears as you zoom in closer. This is not surprising as a city is generally a large settlement covering significant land area, so at high zooms you would be looking at only a part of the city, and the map gives priority to labelling smaller units (for example city districts, suburbs, neighbourhoods). If you look at Pune on the standard map you will see something similar, the name “PUNE” disappears after level 13.

The wikipedia entry says that Goregaon is a “small town” of about 7000 people so maybe place=city is not the right choice of tag.

Thanks added the name in Marathi with name:mr tag