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I deleted that one because I can’t be arsed to argue about everything (although it looks like I am arguing everything hehe). But I am keeping #IAmTired :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps I should just keep quiet. Do what I can do, silently, quietly in the background. There’s no point engaging an army of paid mappers who are doing this 8 hour a day week in week out. It is Open after all, to them and to me ::evil grin::

So how is this supposed to work? You got landuse residential named Pekan Tanjung Malim, and also town node for Tanjung Malim. And who determines the boundary of that Pekan? We are not even talking about PBT/Majlis Daerah boundary yet.

When queried for sample address, Nominatim (with its own issues) just simply answered “the address is everywhere!” :laughing:

Sometimes a random check just surprises you. Copy coordinates in JOSM and just for fun, paste it in some map → surprise, surprise! same position.

Ni kantoi terang-terangan ni.

Nasib baik la terperasan waktu PKP ni:

Apa kemungkinan 2 node berada pada jalan yang sama? Highway lalu atas rumah orang pulak tu.

Udah-udah le. Dengan grabnya, uitm mapathon nye, facebooknye, applenye. Haish.

Do not assume. Always err on the safe side. Mapillary offer quite a lot of images to double check.
Another peculiar thing about this highway is that both sides of the road’s history only started back to March 2020. A primary road only traced this year!

Why are people hell bent on making dual highways when there are none?

Photos from Mapillary

Malaysia is developing quite well, isn’t it? So you get new primary / trunk / motorway just every here and there.
Can you see from the history of those roads if that’s the work of a specific user / user group? In that case, send them a message / change set discussion.
Also: is the wiki good enough, in this case the description of a “physical barrier” being required for a dual carriage highway?

I’m speechless… these got tangled up with bus routes, so, uh…

That’s a good idea. I’ll put it up later.

It’s not because of not knowing physical barrier. I assume it is the quick, mistaken conclusion that a solid double line seen from fresh imagery looks like a concrete barrier. (the area that I posted got better, crispier Esri than Maxar imagery)

Either that or trying to avoid the potentially messy bus route relations.

I don’t put much hope in that, grab’s indian contractors especially. That doesn’t put other paid mappers off the hook either. :expressionless:

When I was making the bus routes in Ipoh, I found out that there are TONS of unnecessary double roads and road links. Most major roads are drawn separately for each direction, regardless that there are barriers or not, even a few main residential roads are doubled which seems unnecessary. Also there is a cross drawn on many junctions which is unnecessary (probably for smooth turn or something). The user(s) who made this seems to be inactive since MCO.

Some bus routes are affected when fixing all these road problems, but I will try to fix them if I have time, hope there is someone interested in mapping bus routes.

There are people interested in doing bus routes, but how? Unless you are a local, you’d probably be getting info from copyrighted sources anyways.
I looked at Perak’s bus routes yesterday (trying to repair those affected by double roads correction), and it lists only road/stop names which there really is no way of knowing since those stop names are not in OSM (yet).

For some other companies (like RapidKL used to be iirc), they just showed their routes on google map which we can’t use anyways. We just don’t have enough contributors willing to do the leg work due to time constraints, cost etc. I mean, I would love to go sightseeing on buses if they are being paid for! :slight_smile:

It started when someone added a note that there was (were?) traffic light(s?) in a residential area around Jalan Taman Star, Ipoh. Thought it was a quick fix, however, it was an actual nightmare.

Residential highways at a cross junction; all split into double carriageways and generously traced ramps (why?); and totally made up turn restrictions (seriously? 20 of those?) involving probably all those highways.

Someone uploaded many OpenStreetCam photos in and out of the said junction. Probably the driver was frustrated to see changes reflected through the Grab app. Spaghetti routes, very likely.

Browsed to see edits made by the same user. I noped out totally, because I freaked out seeing excessive turn restrictions (and already any bus routes present). I rather not wipe those bus routes, because I usually am hastily deleting extra highways and/or associated turn restrictions (while cross checking with available street level photos). Sorry for that!

I would like to thank the non-local mappers who helped map this. Not only they traced the roads, they also provided the street name.

Source: a taxi friend. Right, one person who happened to memorise 1000+ odd street names for the whole city. Spotless.

Then, this wonderful contributor naffed off to where he should be editing: closer to home I guess. At least the Data Working Group is nicer this time.

The last time I happened to get the attention from DWG was an unfortunate consequence: scraping many, many things from the Source-Which-Cannot-Be-Named. One can get away, no show, no tell, etc. but there’s a trap!

Do not forget the great geometry of that Jl Akasia 14, consisting of several ways, …

F*#k your kitchens…and toilets #IRM

New batch of contract mappers from that company. Seeing their imprints on the east coast starting June. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WN0T-Ee3q4 :confused:

Amazing user that had made some weird change around Penang, ahoo.

I really cannot recommend building houses over roads. That will eventually lead to terrible problems. Like on the photo below, near my home: