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p/s new imgurian.

Nothing unusual. Seeing such strange ways during almost every mapping session in Thailand.
Also quite common: a road does not end at a junction, but joins the other road shortly after the junction.

wait till you zoom in. Tertiary road going through unpaved tracks in the boonies, going around single houses, and through imaginary paths among shrubs. It is highly unusual in Malaysia.

Our strange mappings usually done by non-locals, or inadequately informed mapping sessions at universities. :expressionless:

JKKK punya kerja :smiley:

banyak kawasan luar bandar nak kena check camni.

Khuatir juga kalau-kalau banyak jalan balak di sabah sarawak disalah kategori pulak. Niaya orang…

Did you also check with a different background imagery? Sometimes newer images may show roads where older imagery lacked them.
Or did you check who were the contributors, e.g. facebook or kart, or new users? In case of the former ones: is there an “import=yes” tag?

I did. I loaded all imageries at once and remove the older layers and kept the the most recent and pretty ones. This on is from one of those IRM users. I think it’s the mistaken tendency to assume what’s not there. I mean, I’ll leave the trace alone if it says source = personal survey or something. However knowing that this area is way out there in the middle of Pahang, it is safe to assume that this was traced remotely.

A little understanding of land plots and road easement (to get an access road) could also help.

Apparently, that’s not a thing. The IRM team merged my source=ground truth key-value pairs on top of their mapping work, making things more bizarre. Gotta love it when this area had became the victim of remote mapping teams (between formerly Grab/GlobalLogic and now Facebook)… though there are uploaded GPS tracks along the major highway (from me), that were totally ignored. Because (outdated) imagery trumps all, even recent GPS tracks.

Oh yeah, I know the “source” tag inheritance… When I change something, I normally remove the source tag, except I really used that source for my edits, too.

But what I meant above is as follows: facebook added “import=yes” to their imports, so it is easy to detect their work. Since I am more active in Thailand than in Malaysia (which was harder hit by facebook), that came very handy: when I create maps for Garmin or Osmand, I change all highway except track to “road” when that tag exists also. And that proved really useful when I was cycling thru the provinces of Thailand. I think I saw some facebook edits also near the border to Thailand in Perlis.

Guess which one is the original highway and which was added late last year? :roll_eyes:

How long is that section of 4 lanes without physical barrier? If it’s just a few 100 meters, so what. If it’s longer, well, that should be changed.
On the other hand, it is often difficult to see the difference in aerial images. And some simple barriers can quickly be placed onto the road, or removed again - i.e. outdated data.

I deleted that one because I can’t be arsed to argue about everything (although it looks like I am arguing everything hehe). But I am keeping #IAmTired :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps I should just keep quiet. Do what I can do, silently, quietly in the background. There’s no point engaging an army of paid mappers who are doing this 8 hour a day week in week out. It is Open after all, to them and to me ::evil grin::

So how is this supposed to work? You got landuse residential named Pekan Tanjung Malim, and also town node for Tanjung Malim. And who determines the boundary of that Pekan? We are not even talking about PBT/Majlis Daerah boundary yet.

When queried for sample address, Nominatim (with its own issues) just simply answered “the address is everywhere!” :laughing:

Sometimes a random check just surprises you. Copy coordinates in JOSM and just for fun, paste it in some map → surprise, surprise! same position.

Ni kantoi terang-terangan ni.

Nasib baik la terperasan waktu PKP ni:

Apa kemungkinan 2 node berada pada jalan yang sama? Highway lalu atas rumah orang pulak tu.

Udah-udah le. Dengan grabnya, uitm mapathon nye, facebooknye, applenye. Haish.

Do not assume. Always err on the safe side. Mapillary offer quite a lot of images to double check.
Another peculiar thing about this highway is that both sides of the road’s history only started back to March 2020. A primary road only traced this year!

Why are people hell bent on making dual highways when there are none?

Photos from Mapillary

Malaysia is developing quite well, isn’t it? So you get new primary / trunk / motorway just every here and there.
Can you see from the history of those roads if that’s the work of a specific user / user group? In that case, send them a message / change set discussion.
Also: is the wiki good enough, in this case the description of a “physical barrier” being required for a dual carriage highway?

I’m speechless… these got tangled up with bus routes, so, uh…

That’s a good idea. I’ll put it up later.