Why Not OSM let people edit his own country only ? avoiding Vandals

why Not OSM let people edit his own country only ? avoiding Vandals
when tracking GPS location , and finding new user’s location , osm Shoud let new user edit his own location only , to avoid vandals…
this is my suggestion

This won’t work. How should OSM know which country I am from?


its easy letting me accept the location in my browser :round_pushpin:

That’s not my country. That’s just the location my computer / smartphone thinks it currently is. Turn of GPS, turn on VPN and your browser can be in any country you would like to be. This information can be spoofed if you plan to harm OSM.


yes, it would not work, and it would not prevent vandalism from determined actors, just potentially create problems for regular mappers. With almost no effort, you can simulate fake location data, it is a feature for developers.


Aside from the technical issues which would allow a vandal to easily pretend that they are somewhere else, it’s actully pretty common for people to want to update OSM in a different country to where they currently are. For example, A few days ago I noticed that a route relation in a next-door country had some obviously wrong data in it - should I have been prevented from fixing that?


I frequently map bits of my hometown from across the Atlantic when new satellite imagery is available.

One of the benefits of the OSM is that we can map anywhere in there world. Even limiting people to only mapping in their own country would still allow them to vandalise that country. This doesn’t solve the vandalism problem and takes away an OSM benefit


The only thing what can give a negative mapping outcome if you are mapping globally is having no knowledge of traffic-law for an specific country for instance.
Unintentionally you can ruin a map thinking you are doing your best while local people see you aren’t…
The solution to that is to develop regional/country specific modules with aid input from local mapping experts and use them like we use country specific Wikipedia pages…
I don’t know how & where I can bring in this idea to be developed but if someone knows a way then that would be beneficial for all I guess…
I came across this issue with the busway key & mentioned it but I hope it can be picked up somehow in the development of OSM.

You re trying to solve a problem on a tech level that cannot be solved on a tech level (or maybe only if the OSMF would use 10000 rendering servers instead of ~6).

You would need a different angle to solve this.

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Why can it be implemented for Wikipedia pages then, whilst not for the other keys then ?
Besides: 1000 servers is not needed although more servers then the you mentioned 6 is not a bad idea after all: something like 6 rings to rule and 1 ring to rule them all… Translate the rings in servers and you have your solution if (something brown & smelly) hits the fan.

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The 10000 servers just meant: if you divide the planet into small areas and zoom levels, each server responsible for one area, you would be able to re-renderer all needed tiles in seconds to minutes.

These large-scale attacks just overload the tile-rendering massively.

But I will say this again: we don’t have to think about technical solutions as none of those will help to mitigate the problem but may only partly reduce the impact until bad actors come up with new ideas.

? You totally miss my point.

Are you running any tileservers with a global scale?

Again you miss my point and hope that Andy Townsend sees what I mean

He would be more than happy if you have a solution for him and the DWG.

My profile is not hidden so maybe Andy Townsend can drop me a private message to eleborate further on the matter ?

I understand the idea and at a first glimpse it makes sense.
But no it would not avoid vandals as mentioned above, instead I think it would help to kill OSM in the long run.
Where is mapping needed most? In areas where there has been no or only little mapping done by now.
Where are most mappers found? In areas that are well mapped by now.
With these restrictions we would end up with a map showing some countries in detail and others left nearly blank. Not what I think OSM should be.
Personally I map quite a bit in my homecountry but also in the countries where I spend my holidays - often some basic armchair mapping to have a useful map while I am there, refining it when back home again.


If you define regulation in your software in this case: the to be used keys then someone from mars even can OSM-map things about UK- map keys because the software is the ruler in the matter…

If you do want some ideas tackling the problem on the user or changeset (moderation) level, you might want to read Cyber attacks in the OSM space - #13 by Minh_Nguyen where you will find some good ideas and input about how Wikipedia as another open project does this.

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