Why my Office does not display on the Map?

I tried to add my office using iD directly on the OpenStreetMap. However, the OpenStreetMap shows its address instead of its name and the icon does not properly displayed. Since I can search the name of my office, I’d assume that the data is now in database properly.

Can anyone share an insight how to display my office name on the Map?

These are the tags and their relevant values.

It does show on the map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/3629018682

The map is not the Mapnik default layer, it is the underlying database. Ordinary offices, mapped as node, are not considered important enough to render in the default rendering and you should not try to force them to do so. Even if they were rendered, they could clash with other labels on the rendering.

Also, addr:housenumber should only contain a number, whch should be the number associated with the building. The address should be in several parts, possibly including add:unit, level, and addr:housename, but, as conventions for addresses vary from country to country you should consult the Thai mapping community as to what the standards are for Thai addresses. Also, unless the Thai mapping community has some strange rules about addresses, the address components should be written in the language and script used to actually address letters, which I asusme would be Thai.

I guess the business name really is in English on the signs and letter head, but if there is a Thai equivalent, you should add a name:th for it. Obviously if the dominant name is in Thai, you should use that for name and have a name:en.

It would be more useful to have the street name on the street, and that should definitely be in Thai, although you can also add a name:en. Generally it would be of more benefit to OSM to have the missing street names, in the area, added. OSM is not a business directory. Is the street really primarilly residential?

PS An English or American company would use Solutions, not Solution.