Why is the OSM wiki search returning unexpected results and not the search term?

When search for ladder in the wiki, I get

Showing results for layer. No results found for ladder.

But if I search for "ladder", I see there are many results actually containing the word ladder.

So I wonder, what is the purpose of the blatantly wrong claim when searching for ladder?
I am used to idiotic search word changes coming from search engine “intelligence”, but they are usually something like “did you want to search for layer?” and not lies.

You should probably be less combative about what is likely just a software issue. In particular the software is not reasoning and can’t “lie”.


Perhaps consider re-phrasing this in a less confrontational way. The wiki maintainers, as in all parts of OSM are volunteers: if you want them to help you I would suggest avoiding phrases like “idiotic”, “lying” etc.

The wiki has recently had a major version release of software and this may be a consequence of that.

In the meantime, I found just enclosing the search term in quotes produced a better list of results. Also if you suspect a term is a key, adding “key:” prefix may help.


I agree with @SK53. Beginning a thread in this fashion is not likely to end with a productive resolution to the technical problem @Helium314

I believe it is in fact now fixed, since @Firefishy moved the wiki this morning and rebuilt the search indexes.


Thank you for the update @TomH