Why do I see my changes with potlatch only when I'm logged in?

When I have edited p.e. a street name which was written wrong I can see the correct one when I’m logged in and click on the street. If I’m only in “view” mode the map shows the old (wrong) name even when I did the correction two days ago. The same thing is with new added streets etc.

I do the editing with potlatch in “START” mode, not in “PLAY”. What do I do wrong?

When viewing the map on www.openstreetmap.org you’re more or less looking at the ‘world’ as it was last wednesday. This map will not update on every change that is made using the online/offline editor(s). If the online editor shows the correct name then you did everything right. The correct name will show up somewhere after next wednesday.

If you want to see your edits quickly in a rendered map then I suggest you take a look at the Tiles@Home map. This map allows you to specify an area which you want to be re-rendered. Once you’ve done the request it will take some minutes to a few hours to get it executed (Depending on the load of the servers). So if you check that area again a bit later you will see the results of you mapping effort.

Thanks a lot.
Reading the help pages my impression was that the info will be changed in “realtime”. But I could see the changes in Tiles@Home map.

You read it correctly I guess, your edits change the database realtime. The frontpage (unfortunately) does not show those edits in realtime however.

Happy mapping.