Whole City is Shifted, what can i do?

Hi, I live in North Cyprus and openstreetmaps is shifted for like a meter everywhere except new entries. What can i do to move everything at once? It is too much to do one by one. Thanks, there are some examples of it on attachments

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Roughly here

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Hi there, it is far more likely that the aerial imagery is offset rather than the data. A good way to test this is to walk outside and create a GPX trace with your phone, then upload it into your editing tool. This would give you a reference point for aligning imagery, after which you can determine if the data is still shifted.


Yes - that looks to be the issue here. In the iD editor, you can tick the box for the overlay for “OpenStreetMap GPS Traces”, and you can also use the “imagery offset” option at the “background” menu to align the imagery with GPS traces and existing roads. They do pretty much match up - the roads in OSM seem to be in the right place, but the imagery is offset.


Yeah that looks to be the issue, but some places people add the new areas with the old imagery on top. Who should i contact to resolve this image issue?

@Josephant Frankly, I wouldn’t worry about it. Satellite imagery never achieves a perfect correspondence to where things are located in reality. The old imagery may be more positionally accurate than the new.


I am using infraworks to model some stuff in the city and it bothered me till today but i realised i can just offset the background image on infraworks so it all worked out in the end.

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Yeah, That is possible. I am familiar with this feature. Glad you discovered it yourself as I would have forgotten to mention it!

It is important to say, that it is insufficient to upload “a” (in the meaning of 1) GPX trace, as this will have an offset of his own. So if you want to align, take many traces and try to take their average. As @SomeoneElse mentioned you can also use allready auploaded material to increase the number of traces available to you.


You could also use Strava, there’s an addon that makes it more simple to use, e.g. for Chrome: link

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Whatever you use to achieve a better correspondence of sat images and OTG reality you will still experience the problem that objects mapped from different images will not correspondent to each other. This issue cannot be solved by shifting the image (by imagery offset option) nor by using a bundle of GPX tracks as reference. Getting a perfect setting for objects mapped (let’s say) 2019 will leave those mapped 2022 still mismatching. The only solution to this problem is adjusting the objects manually.

True. It is documented in some more details at Using aerial imagery - OpenStreetMap Wiki