Who is right / wrong here ??

There are 2 Camp Adventure buildings ??? →

EDIT ; i also have mailed them to ask .

Note that one is a cafe (which judging from the website wasn’t placed correctly), not a building and the other (which you created) appears to be the owners home.
Judging from the map on the website, the actual park appears to include and stretch south from Ny Næstvedvej 35.
I have separated the tags you entered from the building and transferred them to a rough sketch of the park itself.

ok, tnx. :wink:
I “noticed” them from this article → http://inhabitat.com/spiraling-treetop-walkway-gives-visitors-a-birds-eye-view-of-a-danish-forest/
gonna be a “hell of sightseeing” there . :sunglasses: