Who edits names of states?

Hello, i want to ask who edits the name of states? Name of our republic is Czech Republic, in our language “Česká Republika”, but in OSM i can read, that our republic is “Česko”. Here was not referendum about it and we are still “Česká Republika”. The second thing is the fact that there operate some ultranationalist groups, which would be the renaming wished. But ordinary decent people still normally using our official name “Česká Republika”.

I cannot understand that an international organization like the OSM thus meddles in the political affairs of our country by supporting the ultra-nationalist propaganda, that nobody wants here.

Then name Czech Republic (in our language “Česká Republika”) has been chosen to express respect and appreciation to all the countries that form the Czech Republic. I’ve never heard of that OSM used to name England, instead of United Kingdom. That would be the same ultra-nationalist propaganda.

So, is there any contact to someone who edits this?

Thank for your answer, Peter Hejtmanek

Didn’t you notice that other countries don’t use their full name, either?
I didn’t know this issue, but having read about it in a glimpse, you still seem to be disproportionally outraged. I am certain there is no conspiracy going on.
And if you ask “who edits”, then you miss the point of OSM :wink: Everybody can. And the history is browsable.

There’s “users: Czech” subforum, where you can ask.

To echo RicoElectrico, the answer to “who edits” is “you do”!, though as he said of course it makes sense to discuss in a country-wide forum first.

Different countries have chosen different names for themselves in OSM - some a shortened version of full the official name (e.g. “United Kingdom” rather than “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”), some a compound containing different language names (e.g. Belgium), some the name in the most commonly spoken language of several (Ireland, Finland). If it isn’t possible to reach an agreement or understanding and it becomes an editing “dispute” (some people change it one way and other people change it back another) then the Data Working Group* may jump in and suggest that people talk to each other before further changes, but that’s pretty rare.

Incidentally, I notice that the English name (in the “name:en” tag" of the Czech Republic is currently “Czechia” in OSM. That may be being promoted as an “official English name”, but I’m only aware of it via http://www.theguardian.com/weather/2016/apr/14/czech-republic-czechia-new-name outside of OSM. I guess that “Czechia” is somehow more inclusive (of Moravia) than just Czechy would be? Anyway, that’s another question altogether.

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