Whisk(e)y Map


based on the OSM data I have created a Whisk(e)y Map.
The map is available on http://ra-loschnig.de/whisky/whiskymap.php
It shows all destilleries with the tag destillery=whisky.

There is a pop-up displaying more information about each and every destillery.

Unfortunatedly I’m sitting far away from the most famous distilleries. So I would be glad if these data could be improved using local knowledge.
As of today the map shows 44 nodes, 92 ways and one relation.

I know there are much more destilleries worldwide. And many of the are already tagged in wikipedia. So it should be quite easy to add the tag destillery=whisky (and of course further spirits they produce).

Hi aromatiker,

New maps based on OSM data are always welcome :slight_smile:

Unfortunately however the GB and IE communities don’t tend to use this forum much - more people will know about it if you mention it at https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-gb (for the island of Great Britain) and https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-ie (for the island of Ireland) respectively.

One slight caveat about wikipedia - the licence of wikipedia itself is incompatible with OSM, so data can’t be copied from there (and location data in wikipedia often comes from sources such as Google, so can’t be used for the additional reason that the licence of that is incompatible with OSM).

However, a lot of people know where distilleries are based on their own knowledge, though, so I’m sure that they’ll be able to update / correct locations based on that.



Hi There,
I am based in Ireland. What I can say about that map is that it misses Ireland’s two oldest, largest and best known whiskey distilleries.

That said this would be a specialist request for the community. Right now, or at least up until now we have been backfilling issues with the lack of open administrative boundaries, so our concentration was on townlands. Individual local and interest based mappers (mainly local) map the streets and buildings of their own area up to a high standard. I really would doubt that the mapping has evolved to the point where they are all consistently done and all tagged the same way.

There are people with interests like yours. BrianH for example really likes mapping burial grounds, and applying a sophisticated typology. People are simply dying to see his work… ok… bad joke.