Which GPS device for OSM

Which GPS devices are most suitable to upload OSM?
I’ve read Garmin is the right brand. Which model would you recommend?

This will help :


Depends on what you will be using it for, ie walking, cycling, driving etc?

For most walking and cycling, I think something like the Garmin Etrex 20 is a good option. It is fairly small and waterproof, and rugged, and you can get a bike mount if you want. It has good battery life, and plenty memory for recording tracks. And its easy to add OSM based maps.

There’s quite a few other Garmin models that are also good, eg the Dakota, Oregon, Montana etc. These are similar in features to the Etrex, but have touch screens, and bigger screens on the Oregon and Montana. Though this means they are a bit bigger/heavier to carry, and shorter battery life. Or the GPSMAP 62 for something bigger than the Etrex, but without a touch screen.

Thanks for the feedback.
In fact, I’m interested to use the maps both for hiking and to hit the road.
The Garmin 62s looks like the right choice for hiking.
Any recommendations for a recent Garmin car GPS? Any experiences?

I use my slightly older Garmin GPS60CSX for both hiking and driving. It is not optimized for driving but seems fully adequate for my needs. As always, Your Mileage May Vary :slight_smile: