which Garmin devices showing topo overlays?

My Edge 800 will be retired soon. I am consider buying an Edge 520 or Edge 530. I wonder if both devices can display the opentopomap of Switzerland with the contour overlay?
It is often mentioned that “newer Garmin devices” are able to show an overlay map but where ist the cut from old to new?
Is there a list somewhere that shows wich Garmin device can display overlays?

I guess it applies only to devices that are more than 10 years old (Etrex Hcx, Vista, Gpsmap 60) that can only support one mapset. So all devices that are produced after ~2010 are capable of displaying overlays.

thanx for your answer ligfiester,
today I’ve copied the two opentopomap files to the microSD of my Edge800 (it hit the market in 2012) and indeed I could choose the new map in the settings and Yes the map was displayed with contours. Great!
Therefore I assume that both newer devices, the Edge 530 and the 520 will do that as well.