which are the first steps in developing an application with OSM

Hello to all of the developer community, I would make some questions about how to develop an application using OSM, waiting for help with your answers and realizing that I am a novice on the topic of maps and also my English is not perfection.

I have the idea of developing a similar application that maps to OSM Transport routes on maps and still do not know how to begin, my question is what would be the first step?
You should follow the steps in the (OSM installation on your machine), or the other way if possible to integrate the existing map to my page and making the paths stored in my database on the maps.
Looking forward to your response and assistance

That’s a rather vague, but quite interesting question :slight_smile: There’s many directions you can go in.

A fun place to start (and it sounds like you might benefit from it) is to have a go at Deploying your own slippy map. Try out OpenLayers. lots of javascript tricks to try, but then you can also try adding marker overlays from a database using your favourite web scripting language.

OSM installation on your machine (The Rails Port) is something we’d like more developers to try, but really that’s only if you want to help with the core development efforts.

Here are several existing OSM & Transport maps: