Where to put Farisiyah and Farsi islands in Persian Gulf?

There is island “Jazirat al Farisiyah” in OSM. I wanted to translate it’s name and add Wikipedia link. But there is no such article in wikipedia. I’ve made some search and found two islands in Persian Gulf:
1. Jazirat al Farisiyah:
OSM: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1237805680
Wikipedia: Not Found
Country: Iran
mbendi.com page: http://www.mbendi.com/attraction/jazirat-al-farisiyah-1833620

2. Jazireh-ye Farsi:
OSM: Not Found
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farsi_Island
Country: Iran
mbendi.com page: http://www.mbendi.com/attraction/jazireh-ye-farsi-1829441

As far as I can see at mbendi.com, these islands are realy close. I didn’t find the first island on Wikipedia, while the second one is there named “Farsi Island”.
I assume these two islands are the same.
How could we check this assuption? Is here anyone familiar with Persian language to search google for more info?

According to wikipedia, “Farsi Island” is here:


(just to the northwest of the other node). It looks pretty clear that they’re the same place - the MapBox Satellite background is good enough to tell that.