Where to put data-questions?


is here the right place to post questions on specific features?

I found way 730830463 and wanted to discuss if this is correct.

The combination maritime border/admin_level 1 seems not correct,or?

Thanks for opinions.

The object you’ve linked to is a 5-metre-long footway. I don’t see the tags you’re talking about.

The link above is not complete, try https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/730830463
IMO the level =2 seems better.

If you look through the history of the way, you see it was

  • admin & maritime border level 2
  • admin & nation border level 2
  • timezone border (edit by Wambacher, who specializes in borders)
  • admin & timezone border level 1
  • maritime & timezone border level 1

Just changing the level back to 2 is not the right thing to do. Is this way still part of the maritime border at all? Is someone claiming more territory (by accident)?

The most recent editor of that way has crossed the path of the DWG previously. I’ll have another look.