Where to get cliff and crag names for climbing spots?


I am new and was thinking about adding all the climbing spots I have been to OSM. However, I have several legal questions here:

  1. I have not recorded any GPS data. I understand that I can use Bing Maps to locate the places and then mark the spots in OSM. Did I understand correctly?

The most difficult question for me to answer is:

  1. How would I get the cliff names?

As far as I understand, it is legally not allowed to get the name of the cliff from a climbing book. Even if I already have the coordinates. But then, if I ask people at the cliff for the name (which is allowed) how can I make sure they have a free source for that information (because they could know it from the same book I have)? How else would I get the information knowing, that I can legally put the names in OSM?

I hope you have an answer for me.

  1. Yes you can use Bing freely.

  2. You are correct you cannot use climbing books but you can use local knowledge and/or ask people the names. If someone “knows” the name without having to look it up it is ok it use.

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no, you can’t use Bing MAPS, but you are allowed to use Bing Aerial Imagery (as can be displayed as background in the popular OSM editors).


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