Where to check a ref:nid?

Hi Polska community,

I have some problems understanding where to check if a ref:nid value is valid. I’m aware of https://nid.pl/ and https://zabytek.pl/, but I can’t find where to search for specific values.

An example, Jaroslaw ratusz has ref:nid=A-211, it’s present on zabytek.pl (here) but A-211 isn’t mentioned anywhere in the page (to be precise it’s inside the karta biała, but can be used only to confirm what you already found since is not searchable [also not all pages have attached documentation], they use the INSPIRE id instead), searching for “A-211” site:https://zabytek.pl/" on Google doesn’t give any result as well. “A-211” site:https://nid.pl/" gives 9 results but you have to dodge “Nie znaleziono żadnych wyników” expired pages and monuments with the same code (wikidata lists at least 13 ref=A-211 in 11 different cities) ecc. but is still doable somehow.

But there are cases, like this city_wall (ref:nid=629125) that I can’t find it anywhere, I see that https://nid.pl/zasoby/rejestr-zabytkow-zasoby/ lists PDF files for the different voivodeships, in the podkarpackie file the ratusz is present while the city wall isn’t, I could remove it but I want to be sure I’m not missing something. Tips?

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Despite the common misconception that NID is the heritage:operator inscribing historical monuments, in fact each regional heritage protection officer (wojewódzki konserwator zabytków) acts independently in their designated area. NID is merely responsible for gathering and propagating data about the heritage. These refs are therefore likely to have been reused in different regions. Besides, over decades the scheme that the inscription refs follow has clearly been changing, not to mention different regions were likely never guaranteed to follow a uniform standard. The regions themselves also changed along with reforms to the country’s administrative divisions. So that’s why these refs are not unique and don’t give you a feeling of order and consistency.

For looking up inscription refs the PDFs you linked seem to be the best bet. They are regularly updated and include a nr rej. for every entry. Why zabytek.pl doesn’t display the most commonly used ref is a mystery.

The piece of wall you’re showing us was added long ago and it might be hard to find out where the mapper took the number 629125 from. The objects is also a tad misplaced and has the lower side wrong. Given the ref doesn’t appear anywhere, I can’t find any other proof that it is a protected monument (other perhaps than the inscription of the entire spatial layout of Jarosław’s old town) and finally that the mapper slapped the name of the nearby city gate onto this object, I’d go ahead and remove the heritage tags.


Btw I asked zabytek.gov.pl about possibility to use their’s database in OSM, but I got no reply for 20 days as for now.
Explicit permission is needed according to Use of CC BY 4.0 licensed data in OpenStreetMap | OpenStreetMap Blog

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Thanks, I assume that’s the main source then and I deleted the ref. I noticed only now (because it wasn’t linked to iD, and if you search “ref:nid” in the Wiki the page is the 7th result :sweat_smile:) that it’s the resource recommended in the Wiki page as well.

I don’t understand tho why the Wiki says that the tag shouldn’t be used on ways since there are many historical walls having a nid ref.

Feel free to fix it! Seems to be a clear mistake.

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