Where size does matter!

Is it possible to keep the maximum size of a tile to under 8mb as that is the limit for the Garmin eTrex Legend and other, I assume, models.

I love the Garmin and also have iQue 3600, eTrex Vista HCX and a Legend C, I even have a 1999 emap. As one cannot upgrader the iQue any more as they only seem to sell NT mapsource products the OSM is ideal for me and I contribute a lot of mapping in my area of France.

Many thanks for your fabulous work,

Colin Chatfied

I’m not sure that would result in a workable situation. Currently about 400 of the 1800 tiles are larger then 8 MB, some as large as 23 MB totaling 5 GB and account for about half the data in all 1800 tiles. I think tile count could triple or quadruple if the maximum is kept below 8 MB.

But as it happens the new test site is not yet officially released, so I’ll just give it a try with the generic map. I’ve started a new update to test this. The new update will be ready when you see a date below the slippymap that is newer then 12-05-2012.

Map generation is still underway, already taking twice as long as usual due to much more splitting rendering splitting etc to reduce the final tile size to <8 MB. I’m curious for the results but also afraid this limitation is not going to be used eventually.

The generic map on the test page has been updated with a new version having only tiles < 8 MB. Tilecount went from ~1800 tiles to 2200 (not as bad as I expected).