Where is the border of the parking area?

If there is a parking area in the forest, and it surrounded by service road, which is surrounded by a belt of decoration stones, where should be the border of the parking area?
Should it include the road?
Should it include the stones too since they are marking the border of the parking area and seperate it from the forest around?


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I try to include the service road ways (for routing purposes) but exclude non-road surfaces. Though if there is a service road way (parking aisle) through the middle, then routers should be fine if you exclude the outside service road. Either way, if you’re not able to park on the decorative stones, then in my opinion they should not be included within the parking lot area.


I would include the service road, and draw the area out to the inner edge of the stones, but not include them (assuming they’re not designed to be parked on).

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When you have trees on a parking area, you don’t exclude the trees, however, you don’t park on trees, do you? As stated in the wiki: In case of grass strips, trees or other greenery within parking, between parking rows - this areas also should be within amenity=parking.
As you indicate that the stones delimit the parking area, they are part of the parking area.
If you have marked spaces, you can had amenity=parking_space to make it clear.

You can also exclude the service road as you can’t park along the service road. There is no obvious answer in your case.

I don’t agree- your excerpt from the wiki says within the parking area. Now, we don’t know what OP’s parking lot actually looks like, but if the decorative stones are surrounding the parking area, then it should not be included. It also sounds like the service road is between the parking area and the stones.

I don’t think the answer is as obvious as you say it is especially if, as OP implies, the service road is surrounding the parking area and the stones are outside that - if you were to include the stones but exclude the service road, you’d have an even more complex shape.

If you could provide a screenshot of the parking lot, we could provide better suggestions.


I don’t think the answer is as obvious as you say

I forgot “no” in my previous message (now corrected). As two solutions make sense: just the “raw” parking area where you can park or including the service road and the stones (understanding the parking area as landuse: the stones don’t belong to the forest). And if you can park along the service road, road+parking makes also sense. As @catsu suggests, a photo or the position of the parking would help.

From south east to north west:

  1. Parking lots.
  2. Service road.
  3. Decoration stones.
  4. Two one way service roads.
  5. Decorations stones.
  6. The nature surrounding the parking area.

The roads are only to navigate between the parking lots or to get in / exit the parking area.

Another similar question, if there is some bushes, grass, forest between the parking lots and the fence surrounding the parking area in an industrial area, should the artificial nature be included? Or should the amenity=parking end where the parking lots end?

Unless trees are in the in the parking area, they shouldn’t be need to included.

Well, if you could show the whole parking lot, that would be helpful.