Where is Mapnik.typ? I want to tweak it to create stafkaart.typ

Hi all,

The mapnik.typ file is being used by standard map creation on garmin.openstreetmap.nl, but I can’t find a link or so. I just want to tweak it a bit to more resemble Dutch stafkaarten. I’ve been working in this way on Freizeitkarte before, but their typ files are not editable anymore with Typwiz. And the geofabrik maps are too way off. I’d rather use the nice and easily downloaded maps on garmin.openstreetmap.nl, and then replace the standard mapnik.typ with a somewhat edited version of my own, called stafkaart.typ. I did it many years before, but my laptop got replaced many times, and I doubt whether that old version would still link nicely to the style files of garmin.osm.nl.

So, **where is the mapnik.typ ** (or the whatevername.typ for the new style) that is used for all garmin.openstreetmap.nl maps nowadays?

Regards, Wim (avid OSM user on Garmin devices for geocaching)!

See https://github.com/ligfietser/mkgmap-style-sheets

Marvellous!!! Thanks! :D!!