Where did my Buriram roads go to ??

I wonder if anyone can help … after visiting Buriram earlier this year, using waypoints & GPS traces to validate, I spent a considerable amount of time tracing (from Bing), the virtually unmapped city.
Looking at the city today, I now find that large sections of my tracings have gone … leaving some places I plotted no longer connected to the road network.
Has anyone in Thai mapping community done this, or can anyone help me understand why?
A specific example would be at:
where I had GPS data up to the Jintana hotel, and I know I plotted the road to it, including the disused railway track it crossed. These roads, and the track, have disappeared.

I checked with Whodidit and it appears they were removed in this changeset. You could ask Willi2006 to see if this was intentional or an error.

Thanks Paul - that was a great help.
It was a massive changeset with over 400 ways being deleted from a number of users … I have PM’d Willi to see what has happened and if there was any reason other than accidental.
I trust he will re-instate or explain and I will let u know.

I have been in touch with woodpeck , and he is already restoring some massive deletions performed by Willi 2006 that affected myself and a number of other contributors.
I dont know why this was done, and Willi has not responded to any of my communications.
Anyway, I guess the matter has been resolved.

Yes, I also did see the big reverts by woodpeck_repair from the 28/12/2012. And I tried already to send a PM to Willi2006 to ask for his reasons, but without answer.

In Buri Ram we have now some duplicate streets etc. causing my repairings of missing ways there in december. But I think it is not bad, I will clean it up in the next days.

The WhoDidIt tool shows a lot of deletions in Thailand by Willi2006 in october 2012, I hope the most thinks became reverted now. But not all:
F.e. Woodpeck’s revert has not restored the deleted small streets in the northern city of Ubon Ratchathani. You can see it with the undelete function (key U) in the old Potlatch-1 editor.
But I think it is better to redraw it manually for avoid such problems as in Buri Ram.

My best wishes,

Looking at his edit logs it appears he has used an automated process with JOSM to " Fixing problems pointed out by keep right and JOSM validator. " There are masses of deletions. Then he stopped on 21 October and hasn’t edited since.