Where can I upload my surveys with POIs?

I am currently travelling through Thailand and sometimes take the time to do thorough surveys of the city / area I am visiting. An example of what the GPX then looks like is here: http://westnordost.de/blog/thailand/78/beach-holidays (scroll to the bottom)*

On my travels, I only have a tiny netbook with me, so I want to avoid inputting the data myself as it puts quite a strain on my hands. To boot, in the area I travel I noticed that sometimes there is lotsa stuff missing that could be inputted from bing imagery or that it is still quite unprecise because it is based on the old yahoo imagery. So even more work to do.

Now, my question is, is there any place where I can make available those surveys **with POIs **(this is the important part if you look at my example up there) for other mappers to process? And if there isn’t any platform that is dedicated to this thing (or not frequented), what would you suggest what I should do with these traces then?

  • is there perhaps a page where I can just upload a GPX / KML and get a link to a page that displays the track with POIs?

P.S: I can’t use Vespucci, because I am offline-surveying here

The question has been answered here now.