When will my EDITS appear in OSM?


I created an account here with OSM recently. I have edited several streets and street names in a certain city with the online Potlatch editor. When I later go to the OSM ‘view’ tab, I do not see any of my edits (or added streets.) However, when I again click on ‘edit’ tab of OSM, I can see the extra data I entered.

How long does it take for my new data / edits to be viewable on OpenStreetMap? Also, does it need to be okay’d by someone first?


Russ Offord

The Mapnik map, the one which is standard for view is updated weekly on Wednesday.

So with a bit of bad luck you need to wait for a week. Usually after a few hours the Osmarender version is updated. You find that in the +, at the right hand top corner.

This is not the case anymore. According to a post an the german mailinglist (and also to my observations) Mapnik now renders tiles much closer than Osmarender. So edits should be visible within an houre in Mapnik (maybe not instantly at all zoom levels).

If someone finds the official announcment about that new behaviour could he or she modify the entry in the FAQ: “3.5 I have just made some changes to the map. How do I get to see my changes?” ?

Still being tested… Not 100% used it will be used as is…